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#WeAreStillIn Unions, organize your members for climate action

The #WeAreStillIn climate conference in San Francisco, has two opportunities for a better climate, where unions and their members, citizens,  could play a very important role. First, international solidarity Unions strive for more solidarity, #WeAreStillIn, together we are strong Governments … Lees verder

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Migration, the solution is more prosperity in Northern Africa, bio-energy for Europe

Europe can create a long term solution for migration : Bring prosperity to Northern Africa by developing much more agriculture there, a green fence of agriculture and prosperity. Therefore new farmers, grow energy crops, and bio-based fuel, which is finally … Lees verder

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Local energy communities should promote direct ownership of wind farms

Joining a local energy community? Why? Does it promote direct ownership or a financed and subsidized business? YOU pay for these subsidies, your money goes to banks and investors. Local energy communities can change this, when the organize their members … Lees verder

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regulations are essential for successful energy policies in wind power

Every family can generate their own power with a purchased part of a wind farm, without government support. A mass consumer market for family sized parts of a wind farm. These private generators balance their wind farms with climate neutral … Lees verder

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