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G20 climate policy, citizen centered grid codes and obsolete smoke stacks

Citizen centred grid codes and fossil power plants with with mandatory CCS2, are two important climate policies the G20 should agree on. Because citizens have a future, their children. With these G20 agreed climate regulations, citizens are empowered to drive … Lees verder

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Climate action should be a profitable business with real new jobs

To fight the climate problem WE, the world, need 2 climate action “man on the moon” projects. 1. All 3000 fossil power plants need to implement CCS2, mandatory, because it is BAT, Best Available Technology. CCS2 makes power plants climate … Lees verder

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regulations are essential for successful energy policies in wind power

Every family can generate their own power with a purchased part of a wind farm, without government support. A mass consumer market for family sized parts of a wind farm. These private generators balance their wind farms with climate neutral … Lees verder

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