The EU Green New Deal for Europe elements, mr Barnier misses

Green New Deal Klimaatfeiten CCS is verplicht voor alle grote CO2 uitstoters, dat is de conclusie van het IPCC SR15 rapport. Peer reviewed wetenschap zou de bais van ht klimaatakkoord moeten zijn, maar is het helaas nog niet

A new Green Deal in Europe, should include mandatory CCS, because peer reviewed climate science concluded in the IPCC SR15 report that it is necessary

Michel Barnier proposes a EU Green New Deal, but to decarbonize Europe by 2050 is a unnecessary expensive direction. He also dismisses peer reviewed Climate Science in the IPCC SR15 report.
To keep global warming below 1,5 degrees, the EU should not decarbonize Europe by 2050. The report says that all climate scenario’s, that stay below 1,5 degrees, all use CCS.
So Europe has to focus on implementing CCS for all large CO2 emitters, globally. CCS is the cheap and smart way to decarbonize. Because it makes fossil fuel use more expensive, and climate neutral. With CCS for fossil fuel, renewable  power can do without subsidy. Using fossil fuel with CCS is more expensive than renewable power.

So the main power strategy for Europe, and the world is:
– Make fossil fuel use climate neutral, globally. To stop the growth of CO2 emission.
– Allow renewable power to grow, because it is the cheapest power, to generate for your own use, with net-metering outside the market,  and on the power market.
– And the climate neutral power plants, those we have today, will become a backup more and more, until they generate a certain minimum part of all power used.
– These fossil power plants with CCS, will burn biomass derived fuel more and more, to remove the excess CO2  fro the biosphere.

CCS is the New Green Deal for Europe

The EU New Green  Deal has to tell climate activists that mandatory CCS is the first large climate action for Europe.
The technology is ready, and there is room for innovation. Start with the new Dutch coal power plants. They were already prepared for CCS at their construction. And they have the North Sea seabed nearby, to store the captured CO2.
Innovation with CCU, “burning” CO2 with Olivine could be the next step.
Implementing CCS in for example Poland, will both keep the jobs of miners, and generate new jobs, and possibly reduce the pollution by burning coal in badly filtered plants, bringing more health. And less dependency from Russian natural gas, because, from coal  also hydrogen can be produced, als log as CCS prevents CO2 to enter the atmosphere.

A supply chain CO2 tax will help create a level playing field for businesses that do not yet apply CCS.

Renewable benefits for all citizens of Europe with net-metering

The second big step of a New Green Deal is do something positive for power consumers. Make net-metering a citizens right. Not only for rooftop solar panels, but also for the power of family sized lots of wind farms and solar farms, somewhere on the national or regional grid. The really big revolution here is that finally, citizens also get some benefit from their climate action, from the EU.
Because owning a lot in a wind or solar farm, means that that home has its power at cost price. about 4 cents per kWh. No subsidy required.
The regional or national grid as a public road for renewable power.
This cheap power can also replace natural gas, for home heating
Staying with the EU wide preference for renewable power on grids and markets, also has to be part of a New Green Deal for Europe.

Win win: Growing energy crops in Northern Africa, brings new prospertity

A third important climate action with several additional win wins, is creating new prosperity in Northern Africa, with growing energy crops there. That biomass will also be sold toe Europe’s coal power plants, with CCS
Europa has to help that coastal area with more fresh water plants, and stimulate the new agriculture. And of course trade bio-energy with Europe’s coal power plants.
The new prosperity and the new jobs in Northern Africa, will support climate refugees to find a new living there. So Europe will help itself reducing migration in a sustainable way.

This is the BECCS route the IPCC reports also concludes to be necessary, more  biomass is necessary the later we begin with CCS

Both CCS and growing energy crops should be exported all over the world, including China. Because decarbonizing only Europe is not enough for a rich group of states, to keep the world below 1,5 degrees global warming.

BECCS is one of required ways for CO2 reduction

Next to BECCS, also afforestation and other ways to do agriculture, that keeps more biomass in the soil, are necessary.
And enhanced weathering, spreading Olivine sand in wet areas, like beaches and wetlands.

Een CO2 tax verleid alleen tot CO2 reductie. EchteCO2 reductie gebeurt met het toepassen van deze technieken, of energiebespraring van fossiele energie

Real CO2 reduction is required, a mix of these methods that adds up to 10 Gt CO2 reduction per year has to be selected

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