#WeAreStillIn Unions, organize your members for climate action

#WeAreStillIn Unions could have a important role in fightign climate change

Unions could have a important role in fightign climate change

The #WeAreStillIn climate conference in San Francisco, has two opportunities for a better climate, where unions and their members, citizens,  could play a very important role.

First, international solidarity

Unions strive for more solidarity, #WeAreStillIn, together we are strong
Governments are focused on tax income, more profits for shareholders and big corporations, because that is what lobbyists tell them to do.
Therefore unions could work on international solidarity, and climate, because more business means new jobs, by promoting more prosperity in less developed countries.
Unions can develop more earning capacity and new prosperity with agriculture for energy crops. This captures CO2 from the air. Both in the harvested biomass, and the plants parts that remain, above and in the soil.
These are recognized CO2 sinks, according to IPCC reports, check their new SR15 report.

The harvested biomass can be sold to coal power plants, to replace coal.

And these power plants should apply CCS, to permanently take the CO2 out of the biosphere.
The biomass trade brings more prosperity to the less developed countries.
Together with developed countries, this brings prosperity, new jobs and real climate action, CO2 reduction.
The new prosperity also reduces the need for migration.

A second opportunity for Union Members is to use their coordinated and organized buying power

As consumers, union member can become prowd owners a shared wind farms, or solar farms. And use the renewable power at cost price. #WeAreStillIn
This requires that netmetering is allowed, which it is not in many countries, because commercial power companies dominate the use of the grid.
But the grid is and should be a shared resource, owned by all power consumers, citizens and businesses

Today wind and solar farms are operated as if they were fossil power plants.
– Traditional capital providers invest in them
– Traditional power companies trade the power
– Banks get the most profits, from the capital

Wind and solar farms work automatically, no commercial margin required.

Provided that the owners, own only a share, a lot of the wind or solar farm, and use the power for their own use. And netmetering is allowed, the grid as a public road for power
Commercial power companies are only necessary to balance the grid. In competitive regions, this costs only 0,1 cents per kWh.
While the cost price of renewable power is about 2 tot 4 cents.

So, becoming an owner, buying a lot of a shared wind or solar farm, enhances the incomes of  the families that do this.
Unions give themselves a new meaning by organizing their members in this way for profitable climate action. #WeAreStillIn

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