G20 climate policy, citizen centered grid codes and obsolete smoke stacks

G20 worldwide grid codeCitizen centred grid codes and fossil power plants with with mandatory CCS2, are two important climate policies the G20 should agree on.

Because citizens have a future, their children.

With these G20 agreed climate regulations, citizens are empowered to drive the fight against climate change, with the power and speed of the of the mass consumer market. for their own benefit and the green economy.


  • Renewable power needs a efficient and accessible grid because solar panels and wind farms generate power at different times and places, power consumers need it.
  • Fossil power plants will be needed for a long time, as a addition to renewable power.
    Therefore power consumers and producers need fossil power plants with mandatory CCS2, to make them climate neutral. Applying CCS2, makes the smoke stack obsolete

These are both regulations that G20 climate polities should adopt, for a level playing field for businesses

G20 grid code agreement

Because renewable power works the same al over the world, grid codes can also be the same.
The G20 should agree on a world wide grid code:

  • preference for renewable power
  • on the grid
  • on the market
  • and to get renewable power installation connected to the grid.
  • and climate neutral power sources too, after renewable sources
  • power sources with CO2 pollution are only allowed on the grid, when none of the above power sources are available.
  • grids should be public, open to all power users and producers. (while paying for the use and availability of the grid)
  • net-metering is a right for small power users and producers, when the local grid is not overloaded.

Grid storage with smoke stack free fossil power plants

“The grid” is by far the cheapest and easiest storage, combined with climate neutral fossil power plants. Go for removing the smoke stack from every power plant.
Fossil power plants must be climate neutral, by applying CCS2 mandatory, or pay a price for their CO2 pollution, of at least 100 dollar per ton CO2

When done right, this will prevent negative power prices, and force fossil power plants to become climate neutral power sources.

But most importantly this G20 grid code stimulates billions of power consumers to buy their own renewable power generation, like solar panels and family size pieces of wind farms.
Because wind farms and solar panels work automatically, every power consumer can generate their own, at cost price.
No subsidy required.

Its this type of regulations that G20 governments should dare to promote

G20 Lets get Climate Neutral faster with smoke stack free power plants, AND preference for renewable power on the grid

Lets get Climate Neutral faster with smoke stack free power plants, AND preference for renewable power on the grid

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