Climate action should be a profitable business with real new jobs

Climate action is urgent, but only sustainable as profitable business with real jobs

Climate action is urgent, but only sustainable as profitable business with real jobs. Regulations required

To fight the climate problem WE, the world, need 2 climate action “man on the moon” projects.

1. All 3000 fossil power plants need to implement CCS2, mandatory, because it is BAT, Best Available Technology. CCS2 makes power plants climate neutral, at a cost. Regulations create a level playing field.

2. We have to give scientists the goal and means to develop new ways to grow and harvest biomass. This biomass will be the base material for fuel for the power plants with CCS2. There is a lot of unused sunlight at sea.

These 2 climate action projects will result in a fast implementation of CO2 negative power plants. And cement factories, steel plants and oil refineries will become climate neutral.

Climate action with CO2 negative power plants as a profitable business

An important element in these projects is that we create profitable businesses to fight the climate problem. By making CCS2 mandatory. And growing a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel. Create a better alternative to coal plants in stead of fighting them, while we still need them today.
Jobs of all sorts are created to fight the climate problem.

The power plants with CCS2 will be a real, CO2 negative, backup power source for periods when there is not enough wind or sun.

CCS2 explained

CCS2 is a improved successor of CCS. CO2 is captured, and then fixed to a substance with the mineral Olivine. The CO2 – Olivine reaction speed is increased with a Gravity Pressure Vessel. A 1 km tube into the earth. At 1 km the pressure is at a level that the chemical reaction reaches a useful speed.
The CO2- Olivine reaction also produces heat, so the Gravity Pressure Vessel has to be cooled to optimal temperature. The excess heat is used for the CO2 capture process. This increasing the fuel efficiency of the power plant with CCS2.

Smart climate action without subsidy

CCS2 will make fossil power more expensive. That is why CCS2 is not used today. Therefore it has to be made mandatory.
When all fossil power is made more expensive, the climate action cost of CO2 is incorporated in the power price. And competition for the best CCS2 implementation will drive the cost down to about 3 to 6 cents per kWh.
This will make renewable power cheaper that fossil power, even if it is from climate neutral power plants with CCS2.
So, the regulation “mandatory CCS2”, makes power plants climate neutral, and renewable power cheaper, and competitive without subsidy.
This type of regulations creates competition on the climate neutral power market, driving down cost, and allowing businesses to earn some money.

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