regulations are essential for successful energy policies in wind power

Regulations required, for good looking wind farms as mass consumer product

Good looking wind farms as mass consumer product, will drive the energy transition. Regulations required

Every family can generate their own power with a purchased part of a wind farm, without government support. A mass consumer market for family sized parts of a wind farm. These private generators balance their wind farms with
climate neutral coal power plants.
SME’s can do the same, when CCS2 will be made mandatory for all fossil power plants.
Regulations, like mandatory CCS2,  are an essential part of the energy transition.
This article explains that regulations are necessary to reduce the need of government support for renewables.  The sale of family sized parts of a wind farm also makes social acceptance visible.

Regulations need to control power markets

Coal plants are cheaper than power plants for natural gas. But only CCS2 makes both climate neutral. This is necessary, because we will need them for decades to come. Closing down coal plants, will only displace CO2 production to other fossil power plants. This will happen until politicians call for regulations to control part of the free power market.
Although the share of renewable power on the grid is growing, its not growing fast enough to fight the climate problem. Wind power just past the amount of coal powered plants, in Europe. But, to keep global warming below 2 degrees, we need to become CO2 negative, very fast. EG. by burning sustainable biomass derived fuel for power plants with CCS2. But the science to grow biomass in the required quality and scale, has yet to be developed. The Dutch Wageningen University could develop this.

So, those who back away from coal, promote Russian gas, and the corruption and cost of wars initiated by Putin.
Eastern  Europe, including Germany is way too dependent on Russian gas. Reducing power generation with Russian gas, should have the highest priority,  unless you are Putins useful fool.

Climate neutral fossil power plants remain necessary to become CO2 negative

Climate action is urgent, but only sustainable as profitable business with real jobs

Climate action is urgent, but only sustainable as profitable business with real jobs. Regulations required

The IPCC concluded that already in 2000, there was enough CO2 in the air for 2 degrees global warming.

That is why, we still need fossil power plants, with CCS2 and bio-based fuel, to actively remove CO2 from the biosphere.
So, even if we have enough renewable sources, we need to operate installations, like CO2 negative power plants to continue to really fight climate change.



Energy democracy need regulations

Suppose, in 10 to 20 years Western Europe has built enough wind power to generate enough for all users. Where do we generate our power in times when there is not enough wind or sun? Germany has regulations in place to prevent power plants from closing down too early.
Its much more cheaper to keep (some) coal plants, with CCS2. They generate power when its necessary to balance with wind. That is also much cheaper the any form of “storage” or “power to gas” experiments. Grid scale storage pilots are a waste of money. Because everyone can calculate that power plants with cheap coal, and CCS2, deliver cheaper “storage” than experimental technologies.

No power plants any more? Get real!

Most Hydro locations are already in use, so no growth potential there.
Also building enough international power lines that eg. could feed Germany from other European areas, is very, very expensive. And it also means all countries have to build much more wind power then they need themselves. Anyone in favor of hosting  powerlines from the North Sea to southern Germany, Poland and other Eastern Europe countries? Eventually we may get there, but not in the coming decades. So climate neutral power plants we need, as cheap backup. It should be a European man on the moon project to add CCS2 to all power plants before 2030. The biosphere already has CO2 for more than 2 degrees global warming. The climate problem is more urgent than generating sustainable power.

CCS2 is a break through innovation of CCS

CCS is was developed in the past decade with about 1 billion of EU subsidy, and shelved.
Now there is CCS2, where the captured CO2 is converted to a substance with the mineral Olivine.

  • No efficiency reduction in the power plant. The chemical reaction between CO2 and Olivine also delivers heat. About 20% of the heat that coal produces.
  • No CO2 to be pumped into the earth, below somebodies home.
  • CCS2, requires that Olivine is mined, transported and traded, just as coal. That means new jobs, for the climate. Trade unions should adopt CCS2 both for the new jobs, and also for lower energy cost for consumers.
  • CCS2 requires also a 1 km deep tube into the earth, the gravity pressure vessel. At a depth of 1 km , the pressure is heigh enough to have olivine powder react with CO2. Magnesium carbonate and sand are the result.
  • This also enables traditional coal users, such as Poland, to become climate neutral. They will make big steps with CCS2 on their existing power plants.
  • CCS2 is a very nice export product, there is a market of about 3000 power plants in the world. And they all have to become climate neutral to stop climate change. And even CO2 negative, to keep global warming below 2 to 3 degrees.

Lets recognize that the Paris climate agreement , COP21, will not be realized by today’s energy policies.

New energy policies

Because CCS2 is necessary and it will make power more expensive, it should become mandatory for all power plants.
This will create a higher price for power, and will make the need for support for wind power redundant.
In Europe, renewable power has preference over fossil power. Renewables will always win over fossil power. More and more, power plants will become backup only.
Consumers pay the support for renewable power. They see that their levy is replaced by a higher base price for climate neutral power. Every power consumer, businesses too, pay the higher power price. Mandatory CCS2 means an end to artificial support for renewable power.

The higher base price for power, also means that businesses will pay more to fight climate change. And the higher power price, climate cost included, also stimulates energy efficiency.

But for this, governments need to decide about regulations.

  • Mandatory CCS2, in stead of watching the ETS market manipulation.
  • And maintaining the existing regulation of preference of renewable power on the grid, and on the market.
  • A third important regulation is just decided by the EU, consumers will get the right to generate their own power. This requires that the grid becomes a public road for power.

The energy transition is from a power market to a market for parts of shared wind farms. Every family can generate their own power. Balanced by climate neutral coal power plants.

Its regulations and consumer markets that drive the energy transition, because citizens have a future, their children.

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